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We was “lucky” to join to Binary Robot 365 and to test this robot. And we are happy to share our results.

BinaryRobot365 – 0% WIN RATE!

  1. 0 – WINS, 100 – LOSSES!
  2. Binary Robot 365 is fake Robot! This means your money that you will invest in this Robot will be stolen by Binary Robot 365 (BinaryRobot365) SCAM Robot creators!
  3. They advertise that BinaryRobot365 is free – DO NOT BELIEVE! After registration they will ask you to open account with one of affiliated brokers and to make minimum deposit $250-$300  – they will tell you “because security reason” – this is SCAM – NO SUCH REASON to push customer to make deposit – because every trader who has account he knows that his account is secured already, so why need to open new one and to make deposit? Answer – you pay in such way for BinaryRobot365 fake robot!
  4. Binary Robot 365 shows 0% WIN RATE – most loss tool available in internet!
  5. Stay far from this garbage fake Robot if you want to keep your money safety!

BinaryRobot365 – FAKE SCAM ROBOT!robot365

This guys  often defamed reliable services and literally writes positive reviews on services they created themselves and all other software developers and competitors get from Binary Robot 365  unproven bad reviews. This guys promote there own scam and use not clean ways include fake reviews method!


Binary Robot 365 is FAKE Robot and SCAM! NO SUCH ROBOT and creators steal trader’s money! DO NOT REGISTER on web-site and NEVER invest with this fake robot otherwise you will loose ALL even more you have!

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