I was unlucky to buy Binary Today 5, Binary IQ, Binary Today Trader systems from site Binary Today. I m happy to share my trading report:


This is honest trading report and honest Binary Today review. Totally we lost using Binary Today system $27860. Owner of Binary Today web-site is professional scammer and hater. He created fake reviews network there he promotes his own garbage software and gives inappropriate reviews for all competitors and developers.

Lets look his Binary Today 5 video there he with dead fish voice explains how to apply his scam binary today 5 system and to loose deposit money and you will find that his system binary today 5 is complete scam and has old interface for poor traders who wants to loose not to win:


Dear traders if you want to success and to become winners be aware that Binary Today is scam and it was scam yesterday and stay scam today and John Kane is fake the same as his fake reviews.

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