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Today we will speak about new ugly scam from main Binary scammer of America, Canada and Brazil who named himself with fake name John Kane Patrick Ryan:

He develops SCAM fake reviews web-sites:,,,, and many more. This guy does not sleep, every day he develops new scam web-site and promotes it in google using all possible ways: black seo, adwords, etc. for only one reason: he wants to say in his fake reviews that all software in forex and binary options market is scam, but his own scam that he promotes named fintech limited is good scam. We made investigation and this is what we found about fintech limited ugly scam:

and like this 160 000 honest reviews about scam produced by web-site

Conclusion: Web-site is SCAM FAKE web-site promoting ugly and most dangerous binary scam names fintech limited. If you will use fintech limited you will seriously limit your pocket and finance. So think twice before believe fake John Kane = binary scammer.
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