and Binary5 is SCAM!

The Binary5 signals software is part of a network of scam offers owned by the alleged John Kane AKA Patrick Ryan, a young Canadian resident. is part of a larger scheme and some of the facts we managed to confirm are disturbing, and may possibly be comical to some of you. All reviews you will find on web-site are fake and written by bad competitor John Kane fake with only one reason – to promote his own garbage scam software. You will not find on web-site any proof that his fake signals are really work. All you will see is software box picture and tons of bad reviews about competitors. But for it’s own garbage software boxes he always gives 5 stars reviews and says how much it is good. But this is fake. Never believe! Be careful!

Please read this review carefully as it related to the following websites:, Binary Options Bullet, Binary BrainWave, ForexFury, Forex Robot Nation,,, and now the really interesting site in this web of deception: where Patrick Ryan distributes Marijuana seeds while tricking binary options traders from multiple angles, using fake review sites to promote a bunch of misleading scam services. John Kane is a fake name.

This guy  often defamed reliable services and literally writes positive reviews on services he created himself and all other software developers and competitors get from unproven bad reviews. This guy promote there own scam and use not clean ways! We was unhappy to try the services promoted by such as Binary5 and with there services our deposit was lost in 1 hour. Totally we lost $22300 and it happened in only one hour!

Binary 5 is complete scam and losing system we’ve ever seen.

Accuracy is low and loss much more then wins. We calculated with  Binary 5 we got 90 losses and 7 wins.

Binary Options Bullet is SCAM!

Our tests shows that  Binary Options Bullet generates 85 loss and 7 wins!

Binary Brain Wave Is the most dangerous scam

we’ve ever seen! This system can make from every winner complete loser!


Review Verdict: is SCAM

The market is flooded with various and different systems that claim legitimacy and promise high profitability, enormous returns and fantastic success rates. But after years of witnessing and in the worst case – falling victims to numerous Ponzi schemes and losing a lot of our investments to fraud, we should know better. infected my computer with a virus.

Conclusion: is SCAM! score is 1 star: